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Goin’ Up (No Measure)

:45 Lat Stretch in Childs pose R then L


2 Rounds NFT

Empty BB Z-Press hold x :30

Shoulder Tap to High Side Plank 5 x :10 R/L

Recip Bear Crawl with 10# metal plate on back

Shoulder Press (3 x 6 @ RPE 9 with 3s pause at top, 3s negative )


Barbell x10

weight x 8

Working sets : Increase to find objective of RPE 9

Metcon (Time)


SA KB High Pull (swing with high pull) R then L (2 R, then 2L, then move to next movement and complete 2 reps)

SA KB Push Press R then L

SA Suitcase KB Deadlift R then L

Plank Drag Thru with Burpee after every 2 reps (R/L=2)

Heavy Planks (3 x :45 with weight plates )