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Warm-up (No Measure)

Spiderman Strech x :45 each


2 Rounds

10 Goblet Squat Press Outs with 5s pause in bottom

5 Hamstring Bridge Walk Outs

Down and Back Farmers Carry AHAP

5 KB/DB Squat Jumps with pause at bottom

Back Squat (3 x 12 @ RPE 5.5)

Keep in mind that as you progress across sets, you will accumulate fatigue. Warm up to a weight you feel is a 5.5 @ 12 reps. This is your first working set. if you feel it was too light, or too heavy, adjust accordingly. This is called auto-regulation. The purpose of the RPE scale is for you to become more familiar with how your body works.

From day-to-day, your 100% will vary due to stress, sleep hygiene, your caloric intake, etc. On days that you’re feeling good, you have a green light. On days that you’re feeling a bit off – listen to your body and adjust accordingly.

Partner GHR (AMRAP – Rounds)


Knees on mat, partner holds down ankles. REALLY HOLD DOWN ANKLES


:30 Foam Roller Deadbug ISO

Metcon (Calories)

4 x :30 Max Cals AD

:90 Rest