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Squat Prep (No Measure)

Spiderman Stretch with T-Spine Rotation x :45 ea


2 Rounds

:30 ea Side Plank on forearm and knee – top leg UP

10 Bridge with kick, kick , back down

5 Goblet Squats with 5s pause 5s ascent

Back Squat (3×8 @ RPE of 7/10)

Read if you dare:

Warm-up sets: Any set performed below the day’s prescribed dosage. Warm-up sets are used to gradually prepare the brain-muscle connection used in the particular movement pattern. Deliberate warm-up sets are where you refine the skill of your movement. A tip we like to use for warm-up sets is to try and make them feel heavy. Your brain doesn’t always perceive “light” external loads as important, which makes it very easy for your brain to go on autopilot during a warm-up set. We want the exact opposite of this. We want our brain to perceive this warm-up set as a top priority to maximize its involvement in priming your movement pattern. (Fun fact: anytime there is a threat to the system, aka brain, spinal cord, heart – your brain directs its focus to that. You’re damn right that a heavy bar on your back is a threat to the “system.” By making your warm-up sets a “threat to the system” we can alter, refine, or further engrain whichever movement patterns that we desire

TLDR: Take your warm-up sets seriously

Working sets are where you increase your capacity to perform the movement or to create the desired stimulus (strength, endurance, hypertrophy). Working sets are what you will see on Wodify and on the Whiteboard. The objective of your working sets may change from week-to-week and day-to-day. For example, we may be doing 4×2 back sqauts next week at an RPE of 5, but the intent may be for maximal speed standing out of the hole. The weight on the bar would look much different than 4×2 back squats at an RPE of 9.

TLDR: Take your working sets seriously. Be mindful of the day’s objective.

RPE stands for the RATING of PERCEIVED EXERTION. We will be using this system in place of percentages for our next 8-week strength cycle. a 6/10 RPE means you should finish your set knowing you could have definitely done four more reps.

Too Close for Comfort (Time)


FR Alt. Lunge (L/R=2)

Front Squat

Lateral Burpee Bar Jump Over

@ 135/95

Rx+ 165/115

5:00 CAP

Heavy Planks (3 x :30 weighted (low plank) as heavy as possible )

…while maintaining form. Tuck butt under, pull ribs down, push elbows through floor. Mid back should be rounded.