CrossFit Love – CrossFit

No shoes, no problems (No Measure)


:30 Lax on plantar fascia each side

Toe Walks Blue to Blue

Heel Walks Blue to Blue

Wall Ankle Dorsiflexion x 15

20 Toe jumps (heels don’t touch ground)

5 Ankle Circles Both ways x R/L

Why we Clean. Why we Squat.

Jumping for Joy (AMRAP – Reps)

:30 Single Leg Jump Rope on R

:30 Single Leg Jump Rope on L

:30 Running Jump Rope

:30 Singles

:90 Double Under/Attempts
Score is Double Unders Completed

Moving on Up (Distance)

Take 10 Minutes to establish a Max Effort Box Jump

5-7 attempts

It’s Nice Out (Time)

5 x 200 M Spring

2 @ 75% Max Effort

2 @ 90% Max Effort

1 @ 100% Max Effort

-Rest is 1:1.5
Record Final Round

Let’s Do Some Movement (No Measure)

3 RDS For Quality
:30 Bottoms up hold each arm

6 Lateral Box Step Ups hugging Med Ball

1 Arm Farmers Carry @ HEAVY blue to blue