This Friday is our first Friday Night Lights for the open! 5:30PM start time to go over movement standards, scales, and judge expectations. First heat will start by 5:45/6:00pm. If you can’t make it at night, all classes that day will also be doing the workout. Feel free to come hang out and cheer your friends on even if you aren’t participating!

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Metcon (Time)

12:00 AMRAP for quality


10 Alt. Pistols

10 Alt. Leg Lowers Holding MB OVER head – get that thing overhead six inches off of ground – elbows bent slightly- abs abs abs abs abs abs and hamstrings

Pistol scaling options:

Band in rig

Heels elevated

To Bench/Box

Counter balance

Decrease assistance each round – shoot for quality reps

HSPU Practice (Time)

6:00 HSPU Prep

Rx: 5:00 EMOM

:15 HS Hold + 5 HSPU

Scaling options: Pike Push up – not on box – create tripod

Knees on box- pike

Feet on box – pike

Push Up

Bar Push up

FIND SCALING OPTION FOR WORKOUT. iF NOT RX- work on firming up other movements to prepare for next metcon

Metcon (Time)

9-7-5 (5:00 CAP)

Deadlift @ 275/225


Rest 10:00

40 Alt DB Snatch @ 50/35 (3:30 Cap)
score is total time including rest