CrossFit Love – CrossFit

Boulder Shoulders (No Measure)

Soft Tissue:

:45 Posterior Shoulder SMR w Lax Ball – Pin and Stretch

20 Pass Thrus with Red Band


Band Pull Apart Series

-Palms down x 10

Palms up x 10

Step on Band – Single Arm Press x 10

Step on Band – Single Arm Press x 10

Going up on a Tuesday (2 Push Press, 1 Split Jerk)

20 Minutes to max the following:

2 Push Presses

1 Paused Split Jerk

Complete 5 Prone PVC Lift Offs (5s hold) x 5 in between each set

Valentine’s Day at LOVE (Time)

21-15-9 —– 10:00 Cap

Power Cleans

Shoulder To Overhead

– 50 Lateral Jumps Over the Bar L/R = 2

Rx = 135/95
Complete 50 Lateral Bar Jump Overs after your 21st, 15th, and 9th rep of Shoulder to Overhead.

Soft as a teddy bear (No Measure)

3 Rounds

Side Plank With Band Row (2s hold) x 15

20 KB Plank Drag thrus

15 Plate Sit ups (Butterfly) @ 45/25
1. Top (free) hand during the side plank completes the row

2. High Plank, reach across body to drag KB under and to the other side

3. Plate taps behind head and in front of feet