Beginners On-ramp

Our on-ramp program is designed to prepare each prospective member for the regular group classes. Before beginning the regular classes our main concern is that each member is able to recognize all of the essential movements when they appear in WODs, and perform these movements safely and efficiently.

With the on-ramp program, we’re less concerned with providing an intense workout than we are with skill development. Taking the time to learn how to perform movements efficiently and effectively from the get-go is essential both for your overall fitness and for safety reasons. However, rest assured that each class will end with a “WOD”. Essentially this month of training follows the same format as the regular classes, but with a much stronger emphasis on skill development. The twelfth day will be entirely devoted to review and testing.

*For those who are concerned with their ability to commit to the days and times available please consult us for other options by contacting us.



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