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CrossFit Striking Trainer Course



“Fighters are some of the most well-conditioned and powerful athletes in the world.  This is due, in part, to their striking training since punching and kicking with true power, speed and accuracy requires people to utilize their entire body from the ground up.  As a consequence, striking is one of the most rudimentary and functional movements that involve the core.”

George Ryan, SWAT Team member and Martial Arts Masters Hall-of-Fame inductee, developed this program in order to help individuals increase their performance in CrossFit by combining it with a fighter’s striking training program. 

Some of the many benefits to this course include: 

● Achieve a fighter’s fitness level

● Add variety to CrossFit workouts

● Be able to throw proper strikes and combinations, i.e. punch & kick

● Understand the role of the kinetic chain and the posterior chain that

support athletic performance and fighting

● Increase the speed and power of strikes, regardless of experience

● Be able to teach proper striking mechanics to clients

● Safely run a training session involving striking skills and drills

● Teach an essential self-protection skill-set to athletes

● Effectively utilize shadow boxing, focus mitts and a heavy bag

This course will be held at CrossFit Love, 941 N. Front St. Philadelphia, October 18-19.

To learn more and read some frequently asked questions before registering, check out the link below.

New No-Show Policy!

MEMBERS: effective immediately there will be a new policy for ‘no-shows’ of the regularly scheduled classes.  

You are allowed to miss 1x and after that you will be charged 20$ for every ‘no-show’ without a proper excuse.  

There are a number of ways to reach a coach if you feel you need to cancel a session and it is passed the 8 hour mark.


CALL: (267) 687-2858

Many of our classes are filled and we hate to see individuals miss a workout because they were placed on the wait-list when there would have been room for them in a session. 

April 5th Paleo Potluck & Spring Cleanup

cleanupThis Saturday, April 5th will be the Philly Spring Cleanup. Following the cleanup, CrossFit Love will be hosting a Paleo Potluck. The 2014 Open is over and the weather is going to be beautiful so anyone who comes out to clean and help out is welcome to join the potluck.

The Spring Cleanup will begin at 9am.  We will be cleaning up Front Street and Canal Street, and painting the downstairs. 

Level 1 & 2 will be doing CrossFit total all day long if you are interested in that.

Feel free to bring family members, loved ones, or best friends. There is a sign-up in the gym in regards to attendees and foods.  Make sure you check it out and write down what you plan to bring.  We will have a grill ready so feel free so bring things that may need to be cooked.

April Schedule Changes

Schedule Changes

1. Beginning April 1st we will be eliminating open gym from 1pm – 4:30 pm.  We believe the coaching staff knows best when it comes to getting you the best training possible.  We would like to see people in the classes in order to ensure you are getting the most out of your training.  The morning open gym times will stay the same because of the closeness in class times. 

2. Monday through Thursday at 8pm will be a level 1 session.

3. Assessments and personal training sessions can be made any time a trainer is available.  This includes personal training sessions for the fast track option. 

Spring Cleanup & Paleo Potluck




Saturday April 5th, CrossFit Love will once again, be hosting the Philly Spring Cleanup. We’ll be working on Front Street, Canal Street, and our own backyard, as well as painting the downstairs and fixing up the bathroom.  To many people, the gym is almost a second home so let’s all work together to make it as nice as possible. 

For all volunteers who join us on Saturday, we will be hosting a Paleo Potluck afterwards! Friends and family are welcome so be sure to mark this one down!

Wednesday Schedule Change

Tomorrow, Peco is working on the building project next to CrossFit Love. They informed us that we will not have power from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Tomorrow's schedule is as follows. 
530am - Level 2
630am - Level 2
730am - Level 1
Closed from 830am to 430pm
5pm - Level 2
6pm - Level 2
7pm - Level 3
8pm - Level 1 & On-Ramp
Sorry for any mid-day inconvenience


Diane Fu is coming to CrossFit Love . . 09.14.14


CrossFit Love - Diane Fu Spend a full day with Coach Diane Fu of FuBarbell at CrossFit Love in Philadelphia, PA, learning movement progressions and technical drills for improvement in the snatch and clean & jerk. This course is appropriate for coaches, trainers, and athletes of all levels looking to improve upon their own technical proficiency while gaining further understanding of the foundational principals applied in weightlifting. No previous experience with the Olympic lifts is required, but attendees should be reasonably versed with basic strength movements such as those found in CrossFit.

Attendees should be prepared for an active day of practical work separated by brief lectures. Lectures will cover topics ranging from basic mobility to improve Oly positioning, technical details of the lifts, and practical programming for athletes and/or the beginning weightlifter. Attendees will also have the opportunity to perform the snatch and clean & jerk under actual working loads and receive feedback, coaching and corrections from Coach Fu throughout the day.

Get registered:

Friends & Family Day!


The CrossFit Love Valentine’s Day Massacre Workout #1



10:00 AMRAP of the following:

5 Shoulder to Overhead @ 115 / 75
10 Burpees (over the bar)
15 Power Cleans @ 115 / 75
20 Box jumps @ 24 / 20

(This is the first workout on Sunday)
(Rules and standards kick off at 1030a.m.)

There are a few spots left kids, come #getsome


CFL will re-open at 12 noon today. 
There will be OPEN GYM from 12 to 5pm. 
At 5pm regularly scheduled SESSIONS will resume.

Is it spring yet??

Friends & Family Day at CrossFit Love

Friends & Family Day @ CrossFit Love


Bring your Friends and Family to any On-ramp, Level 1, or Level 2 session this upcoming weekend! 

Get your friends on board!! 

Bring A Friend Day!




All members participating in an on-ramp, level 1, or level 2 class are invited to bring a friend to class! This is your chance to finally show them what they’ve been missing out on and where many of you spend most of your time! 

The Open: How To Sign Up

Photo 1


Not everyone has signed up for The Open before, so here are some step by step instructions to walk you through if it’s your first time, or if you simply just can’t remember how. Remember, you don’t need to be games bound to sign up for The Open, anyone can, and should, in all levels. This is a great opportunity to push yourself and really see how you stack up! Get on it! Especially you level 2′s!

1. First, head over to

2. At the top, click where it says “Register for the 2014 Open”

3. If you’ve signed up already, use your email and password from last year to log in. If not, create an account.

4. Fill out your basic information and agree to the terms and conditions after you’ve read them all.

5. Signing up for the open is $20 so at this point, you are ready to enter your credit card information.

6. You will then be directed to your personal competition page.  Choose your affiliate – ‘CrossFit Love.’

7. After you’ve chosen our gym, choose TEAM CrossFit Love. 

8. At this point, you can go to your personal page and edit any information you would like to.  Feel free to fill out any of your max numbers or benchmark times.

Welcome to The Open!

CrossFit Love 11213

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 2, 2013 CrossFit Defense at CrossFit Love

Located at 941 N Front Street, Please arive at 8.30am for check-in.


Class Schedule Update

Members, a few important updates!

- Beginning next week there will be an Level 2 Class at 1pm.

- Mondays and Fridays will have a Level 1 class at 7:30pm.

- If you have not taken advantage of the mobility and gynmnastics sessions on Sunday mornings you should try them out! Mobility and recovery is crucial to everybody’s training so sign up and get supple! There is always plenty of time to work any specific concerns you may have as well.  While you’re there check out the 9:30am gymnastics class.  These skills carry over in so many aspects of training and can really benefit everyone!

CrossFit Defense Course November 2nd!


Coach Tony Blauer is coming to CrossFit Love! The CrossFit Defense seminar is November 2nd and you still have time to sign up! Not sure why you should?

First, check out the email above Tony received just 48 hours after one of his previous seminars.

Not convinced? Check out this video to understand why this course is so simple, effective, and applicable to your life.



News & Notes

Here is a quick list of news and notes:

1. The gym’s first session is at 530 am, the opening trainer will be there by 5am to open and get set up. Please use that time wisely.

2. There are now two LV1 options on Saturday 930am and 1030am.

3. We are now open on Sundays. There will be speciality sessions on these days. Unlimited members are free to attend these sessions, its a $20 drop-in fee for everyone else.

4. The 12 athlete per session cap will be upheld daily, so if you are not signed in or are on the wait list you can not participate in that session. You will be kindly asked to leave for that session time. 

5. You may only come 15 mins before your session. This is not true IF your session is preceded by open gym time. If you do come early, be warned that you will be asked to stay out of the main gym area until your time is up. 

6. Soooo you want to pick up HEAVY stuff!? The Strongman / Strong(wo)man sessions are for both genders. Enjoy keg tosses, tire flips, sledgehammer work, heavy walks and prowler fun!!

7. Can’t string together your butterfly pullups? Want consecutive MUs? The Gymnastics sessions are about advancing technically in gymnastics not getting a heart pounding w.o.d.

8. Here is the new gym phone number: 

9. You may only attend 1, WE REPEAT, 1 session per day.

— Enough with the rules, tomorrow we are posting the fall seminar calendar!!

Get Some.


Official Level 2 Promotions

Welcome to the NEXT LEVEL:

Brendan Cottman – Jacquelyn Kakaleciak – Nick Perugini – Brandon Segal – Orin Clybourn (You are all welcome to attend Level 2 sessions)

Also welcome Raymond Cywinski & Nicole Lewis to our level 2 program! They are strong competitors and will make a welcome addition to the TEAM.


CrossFit Love Schedule Changes

A few notes from your coaches:

The 4th of July class schedule is now up on Zen Planner. Check it out and make sure to sign in for class!

Also, beginning July 8th, there will be some changes in the AM and PM class times.

     -AM classes will now be held at 5:30, 6:30, & 7:30 for all levels

     -PM classes will be all levels at 4:00, level 1 at 5:00, and level 2 at 6:00

Welcome Gina Griffin! Sports Massages For Everyone!!

Sports massage can help you be ready for physical activity and reach your peak performance. With regular sports massage, you can avoid injury and reduce your body’s recovery time, and perform your best. 

sports massage crossfit philly

Sports massage is different from a typical full body massage. The therapists will incorporate a wide variety of massage modalities and techniques to meet the need of the athlete. Each session will focus on the muscles used for a specific physical activity. It may be more vigorous than most massages, and could incorporate guided stretching.

  • Pre Event: Receiving a sports massage prior to your workout or athletic event can loosen your muscles. By combining sports massage with stretching the muscles will be warmed up and ready for intense activity.
  • Post Event: After the event sports massage can reduce recovery time, prevent muscle soreness and stiffness, and alleviate pain.
  • Maintenance: Received regularly sports massage reduces the occurrence of injury, increases physical performance and allows you to perform your best.

Gina will be available full-time starting this Monday April 22nd. She will be available for:

  • 30 minute sessions are 50$ 
  • 60 minute sessions are 80$
  • 90 minutes sessions are 90$
  • packages are available; inquire with Joe, Dave or Gina.

To schedule a session email gina: or book online through ZP.

If you have any questions please email joe or gina directly.