CrossFit Love – CrossFit

This is it (No Measure)

20 on/10 off

4 Rounds of the following

BB Front Squat


Empty Barbell Power Jerks – slow and controlled

Deadbug hold with knees locked out and hip flexion at 90 degrees felxion

Power Clean and Power Jerk (5×2 with two minute rest after last rep )

Touch and Go PC+PJ x2
Same weight across sets – estimate 75% of 1 RM

2 minute rest between sets

Me, you, bar (Time)

10 Rounds

3 Power Cleans @ 155/105

20 Lateral Bar Jump Overs ( Over and Back = 1)

Booty Pump (AMRAP – Rounds)

3 Rounds

10 Reverse Hypers

30 Frog Pumps

5 negative lateral box step downs

—-use 10# plate held in front of body for counter balance

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