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Upper Primer 2 (No Measure)

2 Rounds

Bear Quadruped Position – Knee Taps x 16 Total

Empty Barbell/PVC OH – Strict Press

Bent Over DB Rear Delt Fly x 8 (light)

3 Push Ups As slow as possible with no elbow lock out

Bench Press (5×1 @ 5-10# ^ from last week. )

5 heavy singles – sets across

DB Bench Press (3×20 )

Send It (Time)

For Time:

75 Medball Ground to OH @20/14

50 Ring Rows/BW Rows (Bar in Rack)

25 DB Box Step Overs @ 40/20

Cash Out:

750 M Row

Rx+ = 96/65
Time does not include row. If you finish the 75,50,25 and the rower is open, YOU ARE UP!

MB G2OH – either take MB from ground to lock out position OH in one swift motion or clean MB up to chest snd proceed to jerk MB to lock out position.

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