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Monday Chilli (No Measure)

:60 Foam Roll T-Spine or Lats

4 Spiderman Stretches – 3s hold (R/L=1)`


2 Rounds

10 Cossack Squats (L,R = 1) add weight if mobility check outs

Band Walk FWD + BCK – blue to blue and back.

:40 Deadbug with heel taps

—hips at 90/90, hands at 90 degrees , lower left heel until touching the ground, deep breath in and out, return to starting position. Repeat on right.


10 KB Goblet Squat Press outs (max tension, slow tempo)

Back Squat (2×2@85%, 1×1@87.5% , 1×1@ 90% 1×1@ 95% )

Stimulus: Max week = next week. Lets move this weight fast today.

Rule one (Weight)

4 Rounds Not For Time – Move with Intent, Not Intensity

12 Plyometric Bulgarian Split Squats – R/L = 1. Start with BW, small increases in DB/KB weight.

30 Frog Pumps-(Butterfly Bridges)

5 Goblets squats – HVY KB, 5 second negative, 3 s hold in bottom.
Score = weight used for goblet

– 1 Ramp-up set, 4 working sets.

Stimulus: Controlled, intent, stability.

Never. Miss. A. Monday (Time)

2 Rounds:

300 M Row

Rest :30

300 M Row

-Rest after your first round

-This may also be performed in between sets of “Rule One.”
Score in Wodify is your fastest 300 M trial.

Stimulus: Just Go.

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